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Podere di Pomaio • Green Winery rewarded as the Best Green Winery at the Only Wine Festival

  28.04.2017   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

It is from the Arezzo area the winery that won the Wine Tv Award as the Best Green Winery 2017, during the 4th edition of the Only Wine Festival.  This

Podere di Pomaio among the 100 best young wine producers

  21.04.2017   Bonella Ciacci   Events   No comments

We are waiting for you this weekend at the Only Wine FESTIVAL at Città di Castello, the national expo of the 100 best small and young wine producers of Italy, selected

A precious winery among precious jewels

  1.04.2017   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

Sunday 2nd of April, during the fair “Gioiello in vetrina”, an event taking place together with the most famous Fiera Antiquaria, inside the cloister of  the Public Library in Arezzo, at

From the United Kingdom to Pomaio, and back – promoting Arezzo

  24.03.2017   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

When promoting the winery and the territory is a real pleasure It has been a big honour for us to have the chance to host in the brand new renovated

Spring is coming in Pomaio

  11.02.2017   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

It’s time to think about your Spring holidays. At Podere di Pomaio the Spring is magic. The vineyard is waking up from the winter rest, the fruit trees are blossoming, and

The vines are resting, the winemaker not

  30.01.2017   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

During the winter, while the vines are resting, they must be pruned. Pruning is an ancestral technique to tame the vine because when growing naturally it is an heliophilous liana