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The “Beautiful vino” days

  14.06.2018   Bonella Ciacci   Events   No comments

This year also we partecipated to the wine festival “I Giorni del Vino” (Wine days), organized by the local wine association Strada del Vino Terre di Arezzo. It took place

Not just wine coming from Podere di Pomaio

  25.01.2018   Bonella Ciacci   Events, News   No comments

For once, we are here to talk about an event dedicated to the extra virgin olive oil, and not about wine. It is called Oliogustando, a cycle of tasting events

From “fresco” to “al fresco”- Think Green and live art at Podere di Pomaio

  30.06.2017   Bonella Ciacci   Events   No comments

“From fresco paintings to ‘al fresco’”. A day dedicated to organic and sustainable wines, rediscovering at the same time ancient painting methods. At the end of the day, presentation and

Trollbeads Jewels meets Podere di Pomaio

  19.05.2017   Bonella Ciacci   Events   No comments

  Tomorrow 20th of May from 5.30 to 9 pm, we are joining Durant Gioielli event in the cloister of the Townhall Library in Arezzo. The event is dedicated to Trollbeds

Podere di Pomaio among the 100 best young wine producers

  21.04.2017   Bonella Ciacci   Events   No comments

We are waiting for you this weekend at the Only Wine FESTIVAL at Città di Castello, the national expo of the 100 best small and young wine producers of Italy, selected