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Enoteca Pomaio is heading to new destinations

  26.01.2018   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

Marco Rossi, Enoteca Pomaio’s founder, talks about the wine bar’s project and new destinations. He’s leaving Brick Lane but maybe it’s not a goodbye to London. Who knows… Future is

Not just wine coming from Podere di Pomaio

For once, we are here to talk about an event dedicated to the extra virgin olive oil, and not about wine. It is called Oliogustando, a cycle of tasting events

Trollbeads Jewels meets Podere di Pomaio

  19.05.2017   Bonella Ciacci   Events   No comments

  Tomorrow 20th of May from 5.30 to 9 pm, we are joining Durant Gioielli event in the cloister of the Townhall Library in Arezzo. The event is dedicated to Trollbeds