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The atmosphere that surrounds the farm reconciles you with nature. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of the surrounding hills of Pomaio’s oasis, the nearby valleys, the city of Arezzo, Valdichiana, and the Chianti hills which close upon the western horizon. From the farm you will feel like you are flying over the city while relaxing in an eco-friendly wine resort just like the wine does in its barrels.


This quintessential Tuscan villa is designed with four overlapping arches in twos and is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a private pool facing a breathtaking view. The villa was built in the late 1800s probably over a ruin of which today any information has been lost. The recent renovation that took place in the villa has followed the stricter sustainability principles complying with this estate style that made Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality famous in the design and wine world.

The villa’s name comes from the big and colorful almond tree that surrounds the house. In springtime, when this same almond tree blooms, it is also visible from the city of Arezzo. Thanks to its strong scent and guests love to spend their time watching the vibrant petals dance in the wind. Here at Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality every renovation is compliant with the environmental friendly philosophy. This villa has been recently renovated following the highest of quality standards in terms of design as was used for the Leopoldina mansion. The particular private pool is accessible only from the villa’s loggia or the elegant glass doors both located on the ground floor. Once reached you will notice the Mediterranean vegetation surrounding it.


Walking for the first time into Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality estate is simply a unique experience. In this oasis our guests can taste organic wines cultivated on the 550 meters plateau.

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The Wine and the cellar

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Bonella Ciacci | 13, February

We are getting ready for our participation in the “I giorni del vino” 2023 edition. The wineries of the Terre di Arezzo Wine Route will be open for visits and tastings The two appointment for Podere di Pomaio are: Wednesday 28 June and Sunday 30 July 2023 The programme of

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Eccellenze Aretine 2022
Bonella Ciacci | 12, November

We couldn’t miss Eccellenze Aretine! On 12 and 13 November 2022, we will participate in that special event, among the Passioni in Fiera ones, organised by A.I.S. Toscana Arezzo and Strada del Vino Terre di Arezzo, a virtual tour of the beautiful Arezzo valleys and our excellent products. We will

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Interview on Decantico
Bonella Ciacci | 22, October

Read the full interview on Decantico by Luca Cerofolini. A good read to learn more about Podere di Pomaio: Podere Pomaio Green Winery : A colloquio con Iacopo Rossi

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Fly on Pomaio

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Think Green

The multiple award-winning THINK GREEN project expresses all the love and dedication that Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality nourishes the hill and land that hosts it.

THINK GREEN is an evolving project that starts from the three basic Rs of sustainability:

Reduce – Recycle – Reuse
Introducing a fourth R: Rethink

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