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Eco cantina

All the renovations concerning Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality have been conducted in compliance to the strictest rules on sustainability. The eco-design cellar is the formal and actual result of our THINK GREEN philosophy. This cellar is the heart of our farm; its amphitheater’s design was inspired by the Etruscans as the gigantic boulders found during the excavations are part of the structure. Finally, our Eco-design cellar has been listed as one of the 14 most beautiful modern wineries in Tuscany by Toscana Wine Architecture. Our cellar is the heart of Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality. This contemporary building follows the bio-architecture principles and also features connections with the historical heritage of the surrounding land. The facades shows these two defined nuances in its details: on a side the old recovered bricks than reminds one of the old farm houses of the Arezzo valleys and on the other the modern structure necessary to satisfy the day to day activities related to the highly specialized wine ptoduction, split between production winecellar and tasting room and offices. The ecological materials used in the construction of the cellar such as stone, lime, pozzolana, cotto, and wood  blend perfectly with technological/modern ceiling that protects its patio. The three sided underground working area presents itself with a strong emotional impact. The three walls have been built with the recovered stones found during the excavation reminding one of the ancient Etruscans city walls.  No paints were used for the staining of walls. In fact, the basement was made with black molten basalt while the walls where colored with natural mortars. The upper floor features large windows offering a beautiful view of the vineyards and the landscapes. This floor is dedicated to our guests and offers them the possibility to interact with beauty of the surrounding area while tasting our wines. Last but not least, by using geothermic techniques, the cellar has significantly reduced the energy consumption reaching the high quality standards required from our green philosophy.

Toscana Wine Architecture is a network of 14 wineries noted for their impressive architectural and design elements, all designed by leading masters of contemporary architecture. These are true “wine temples,” designed by top names like Mario Botta, Renzo Piano and Tobia Scarpa. These beautiful structures are perfectly integrated with their surrounding landscapes, implementing state-of-the-art technology in their construction and production processes. Additionally, many wineries host artistic installations and have developed interesting rapports with modern art, creating a vital, innovative, and cost-effective cultural system. All 14 wineries have opened their doors for visits and tastings.

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