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The 2021 Christmas Temporary Shop in Pomaio is waiting for you

  14.12.2021   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

Are you in Arezzo area and looking for a nice Christmas present, but the city center is too chaotic and stressful? Come to Pomaio Christmas Temporary Shop, and enjoy the

Wine Days! Giorni del Vino event is back!

  14.06.2021   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

Could we miss this traditional special event in the winery? Not at all! 🍷 So here we are back again with I Giorni del Vino (Wine Days), in cooperation with

Wine Days (I Giorni del Vino) are back again!

  12.04.2021   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

The wine days, I Giorni del Vino, a series of events in collaboration with Strada del Vino Terre di Arezzo, has become an iconic event you cannot miss at Podere

The art of pruning

  7.04.2021   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

Like every year, this is the time when the pruning operations end. It is needed to be done each year, to give the right structure to the vine and control

2 twins were born in Pomaio just a few days ago…

  17.02.2021   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

Something incredible just happened in Pomaio’s winery, an historic event: we happy to show to the world the two newborn twins, two Jeroboam bottles of Clante 2017. They are 3

Here it is, the new Chianti Riserva 2018!

  28.01.2021   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

At last, after 2 long years waiting for it (the minimum refining time requested from the Chianti rules), our new Chianti Riserva is out! While the regular Chianti is made

Pomaio Xmas Temporary Shop 2021

  11.12.2020   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments
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  • confezioni_regalo_natale

From this Monday 14th of December to Saturday 9th of January 2021 (except Sundays and public holidays) the Christmas mood is back in our local store in Pomaio, but this

Let’s keep the spirits up for Christmas!

  16.11.2020   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

This Winter will be longer than the others, and we need to stay safe at home. More than ever, we need a good glass of wine under the Chrtsimas tree

Architetto in cantina 2019

  6.11.2019   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

Everything’s ready for the second edition of Architetto in Cantina, an event organized by Toscana Wine Architecture, the circuit of design wineries in Tuscany, this year together with Chef Luca

Podere di Pomaio at Eccellenze Aretine wine and oil fair

  8.03.2019   Bonella Ciacci   News   No comments

This year too we have been selected among the wineries of Arezzo province, representing the most interesting and particular wine produtions of our territory.  Eccellenze Aretine 2019 it’s an event