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Think Green

Zero Km


Starting from the boulders used to create our cellar to the raw materials for our products, everything is found and produced in-company guaranteeing their origin and therefore reducing CO2 emissions coming from transport



We have gradually cut down the use of FSC paper in favor of digital, on our site you can download all information from Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality for tablets, smartphones and personal computers. The best paper is the one not used!



The products of Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality are Certificated to be Organic and therefore obtained without the use of pesticides and fertilizers coming from synthesis. You get only nature in your glass of wine!



Being organic involves the removal of the quantities of sulfites used in the production of more than 30%, we try our best to do even better and avoid the typical problems coming from wines that are not natural like ours.



Over 40% of the area of the Company’s property is forested so as to further support the vituous productive cycle and mitigate the CO2 foot print to reach a "negative balance" that means placing more oxygen rather than CO2 in the environment.

Green Culture


Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality farm is sponsoring a campaign starting from local level and is commited in creating a strong culture of the "green"topic thanks to its project Think Green. Four are the basic points of respect: respect over the hill, for workers, for wine and for those who take the time to enjoy our wonderful nectars.

Green Architecture


The winery of Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality (completed by mid-2009) was constructed using sustainable materials readjusting the sustainable method used by the Etruscan. Our architecture approach assumes that the “best energy is the one that is not produced”



The winery of Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality exploits in the geothermal energy that will soon be supplemented by PV in order to have a wine production that will be totally off-grid. A non big use and investemnet in renewable is possible due to the limited demand of energy that this building has.

Natural conditioning


The uniqueness of the green winery of Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality that is actually inside the hill, is given mainly by the "breath" of the hill its self inside our premises through the use of mortars and natural boulders, so creating a perfect microclimate both in temperature and humidity. There is absolutely NO need to invest a single unit of energy to condition the cellar.

Bottling & Labelling


The sustainable cellar of Pomaio • Wines & Hospitality is equipped with a line of bottling and labeling that allows us to ensure and guarantee the quality of the wine at every stage of the production cycle as well as allowing us to reduce the production of CO2 resulting from the transport of the mobile bottling lines for each single packing operation. It is something uncommon for just 20.000 bottles produced!