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Toscana Wine Architecture to the BTO

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Marco and Pierferruccio “The Guru” Rossi have been  invited to represent Podere di Pomaio at BTO 2016 fair in Florence, together with other wineries part of Toscana Wine Architecture, the ideal circuit of the 14 most interesting modern wineries of Tuscan, from an architectural point of view. It has been a great pleasure to be there and show our project and the winery started, thanks also to our “short chain of ideas”, because from the first idea in Pierferruccio’s mind to the construction of it, everything made from the family. At this conference we were together with the big names of the Italian wine like Antinori and Mazzei, and of Italian architecture, like Piano and Botta.

The booking platform on the website will be working soon, so that you will be able to book and create your own personal wine tour of Tuscany.