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Enoteca Pomaio dining now in London

  9.12.2016   admin   News   No comments

Finally it happened! Last Friday 9th of December the first Enoteca Pomaio opened in Bricklane, London. It is a great feeling to see Pomaio’s brand moving and crossing borders…and it

Wine Christmas Shop&Drink

  7.12.2016   admin   News   No comments

Wednesday 7th, from 6.00 to 8.00 pm, all invited to the first APERICHRISTMAS, the appetizer offered by Podere di Pomaio for the big opening of our Christmas Gift Shop, for

Toscana Wine Architecture to the BTO

  1.12.2016   admin   News   No comments

Marco and Pierferruccio “The Guru” Rossi have been  invited to represent Podere di Pomaio at BTO 2016 fair in Florence, together with other wineries part of Toscana Wine Architecture, the

Italian wine classification easily explained by Marco

  30.11.2016   admin   News   No comments

Marco is telling us how the wine classification is made in Italy, in a very simple and understandable way, clarifying many aspects of the Italian wine history and its “appellations”.

Toscana Wine Architecture su Lifegate

  21.11.2016   admin   News   No comments

Lifegate talks about Toscana Wine Architecture (, the great tour of the 14 most interesting modern wineries of Tuscany from an architectural point of view, all made by big names