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Convivium: Etruscan dinner in Pomaio

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In 206 b.c. Arretium was just become a town of the Roman Empire, even though the citizens were maintaining Etruscan habits and traditions. Tonight, we will go back in time with an authentic Etruscan banquet, oganized by the wien maker Mondinium in the “Pomarium” location. 

Witht he help of Pinium, Pomarium’s lucumone (the Regent), Mondinium will try to onquer the hearth (and the stomach) of new Roman Consul Vero Bombilio, well known for his devotion to Bacchus and Venus.

Podere di Pomaio meets and hosts Rasenna Farm in Tuscany, owned by Francesco Mondini,  and toegther with Sandy Caffè, they’ll recreate an Etruscan night, with a Symposium of apetizers starting from 6.30 pm, and a real banquet from 8.00 pm.

Reservation required.

Wines: Porsenna 2015, (Sangiovese in purity), Vinum (Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Trebbiano, Malvasia)

The cost is 45.00 per person.